NUDO has some no-nonsense USP’s (Unique Selling Points).

1. It’s a real alternative to gin

NUDO is based on a real gin recipe. The best result to get a non alcoholic version of something is to start from the alcoholic one.

By MPF - Own work, CC BY
Ingredient - angelica root
Ingredient - lavender
Ingredient - cardamom
Ingredient - coriander
Ingredient - lime & grapefruit peel
2. Price-point

Everything is done in-house: development, production, marketing and sales. This way we manage to offer you NUDO at a very attractive but more importantly a very competitive price.

3. Natural and healthy

Our production method is a combination of maceration, extraction and cold press. No artificial flavourings or preservatives.
The water used in NUDO is filtered by reverse osmosis. It doesn’t get any purer than that!
No sugar added, so there is no reason NOT to drink NUDO!

All natural
No sugar added